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How MathBetting application works
  • Select a match and bet amount.
  • Pick your winning, losing, and break even scores.
  • MathBetting calculates the most optimized way to place bets across all available markets to maximize your winnings and meet your criteria.
  • Click Bid to place your bets

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Q&A: Q: How does it really work?
A: Football is one of few sports that has numerous different markets, many of which overlap. For example, backing Under 1.5 goals is the same as backing scores 0-0, 0-1 and 1-0. But which one is more profitable? There are hundreds of such overlaps, some of which are very complex, and there is no way for a human to calculate the most efficient way to bet in a timely manner. That’s where mathematics and computing come in. MathBetting uses an advanced mathematical model that describes all possible overlaps of all possible football markets and in matter of milliseconds can calculate the most efficient way to place bets based on current prices and your criteria. Moreover, MathBetting guarantees that there is no better way to place bets than the one provided. It is truly the smartest way to bet.

Q: What are tokens and how you use them?
A: We realize that monthly subscription is not for everyone. Maybe you don’t bet on football a lot, but when you do, you want to bet smart. Tokens represent the pay-per-use approach. For every one optimized bet (that actually contains a lot of separate bets on different markets) you pay one token. Tokens can be purchased by one, or in packages. See our Pricing page for more details.

Q: What is required to use MathBetting?
A: MathBetting is a certified Betfair Vendor, and it works only with Betfair. Therefore, you are required to have an active Betfair account in order to use MathBetting. If you do not have Betfair account, you can register here. You are also required to have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 installed on your computer, but most of Windows PCs already have it installed.